A bowling fundraiser mixes fun and raising funds in one action-packed evening! Bowling fundraisers are easy to organize, and you don’t need a lot of money to host them. No need to worry about overhead costs, rain dates or selling of products involved. It’s simple you sell the tickets and we provide the location. No need to worry about weather conditions or cleaning up after your event. We have a few different options to choose from and we are always open to new ideas! Please call 609-861-2695 for available times and dates.

Beef, Beer & Bowling – You sell tickets at $30 (example) each to your bowling fundraiser event. The event will include 2 hours of bowling, shoes, beef dinner and (1) pitcher of beer per lane with discounted pitchers available. Max of 6 people per lane. All you have to do is sell the tickets and give $15/ticket to MTL and you keep the rest. If you sell 72 tickets (that would sell the bowling alley out) you would raise $1,100! Add silent auctions, 50/50’s, etc. to raise even more $$$!
Bowl-A-Thon- You pay a flat fee per game and bowlers get sponsors. The fee is $2 per game & $2 Shoes. If 30 bowlers each get 5 sponsors to pay them $5.00 per game=$750.00 (for one game) $1500.00 for 2 games.

50/50 Night- Your organization sells tickets to a fun night of bowling and we split the ticket price down the middle. Included is two hours of timed bowling, shoe rental, and bumpers if needed. The fee is $45 per lane. Max 6 people per lane. You sell the tickets for $15 and we split the ticket price.

Fundraising League- Two game league costs $5.00 per person. The charge to participate is up to you. If you charge $10 per head with 30 bowlers /week=$150 is raised Bowl 4 weeks=$600, 8 weeks=$1200, 12 weeks=$1800.

Add your own raffles, 50/50’s, and door prizes to your event for added fundraising dollars!!!